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Store Analysis

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Your website is leaking money.

You may not know this but your Shopify store’s dashboard clearly tells you this.

Customer Drop Dashboard

But how do you identify WHERE the leaks are? Which elements or specific pages to improve? And what you need to do in order to fix them?

Before you amplify your marketing by spending tons of money, it’s crucial to find out why the existing visitors on the website aren’t converting to customers.

And this is where we come in.

We help you identify where your website is leaking money and analyse your website across 3 dimensions to increase your revenue:

Website's Speed

How fast the website is loading, any speed issues and what can be done to make it load even faster. Every second counts!

Shopping Experience

How easy the website is to navigate, find products and buy them. Design plays an important role in turning visitors to customers!

Post Purchase Experience

What emails are sent to your customers after they buy from you. Nurturing existing customers can help you boost your revenue significantly.

We provide suggestions only after assessing your store’s data so that the suggestions are data driven and are specific to your website only.


Our clients typically register a 5-20% increase in revenue by implementing our suggestions on their website.


You’ll get a detailed report comprising of a list of potential changes that you can make on main pages of your website i.e Homepage, Collection Page, Product Page and Cart Page to boost your revenue.

Plus, you’ll also get recommendations on the additional things you can do to increase your revenue.


What do you require in order to assess my website?

Once you place your order for Store Analysis, we would require access to your Shopify Store and Google Analytics account to examine and analyse the data.

How long will this take and what will I get after the Store Analysis?

It will take 3 business days from the time you provide access to you Shopify Store and Google Analytics account. You’ll get a pdf report of the issues and suggestions.

What if I have to make any changes/tweaks based on the suggestions listed in the pdf?

If you want to make any changes or tweaks, you can get your website tweaked by going to https://shoptweaks.com. Shop tweaks perform theme tweaks as low as $39.99 per tweak.

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