Points are a form of positive reinforcement in gamified environments. They give feedback to people on how they are progressing. To spur the desired behaviors even more, they can be weighted. If your goal is to drive more user-generated content, give more points to those who create posts than to those who are just liking existing ones. While this game mechanic is interesting, users are not in the system for the points. Reaching a specific amount should yield to additional rewards, like the next level, badges, or more tangible benefits like discounts, freebies and so on. 

Fabfamily is an exclusive membership program that opens up a world of experiences and rewards.

The Fabfamily program has 5 tiersBronze Silver Gold Platinum Noir, with enriched benefits at every step of your journey. You can earn points on all your spends in store or online, and use them for shopping with Fabindia or to redeem hand-picked experiences at our selected list of partners.