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  • 1.) Submit your details

    Analytics data, store details and your ideal customer details using our contact form

  • 2.) Examine and analyse

    We analyse your store's data, design and any details you send

  • 3.) Complete Report

    We provide you with the report that would include issues, suggestions and roadmap to incorporate them.

  • SO happy with the upgrade!

    Thank you Sagar for an easy transition with my Shopify Theme. I'm SO happy I upgraded my Shopify store design. I love all the new features and so does my customers! I can now say that my site is well targeted with clear messaging and is convincing enough to turn the visitors into customers. I also greatly appreciate you fast service and reply, even on the weekend.

  • Our new upgrade tells our authentic story

    I just love my Shopify Store now! Sagar helped me to upgrade my site that piques customer interest. As you scroll down our site, I love how it presents our authentic story with which our customers connect very well. He also added new functionalities that I didn't think about or know about which helps us in connecting with our customers even more. Highly recommended.

  • An upgrade that builds trust

    I had such a great experience working with Sagar. He was clear and concise in what would be the best in terms of building trust with my customers. He is also very knowledgeable when it comes to Shopify, and as a new Shopify user, to be working with someone like Sagar and his experience, it made the whole process much easier. The functionalities he added will definitely help my customers base in finding the products they need. I would highly recommend Sagar for any project!

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